Immerse is what we call our weekly Christian worship service. 

Every Wednesday night, we gather at 829 W. Pine and are led in singing praise songs by our student worship band.  Once we finish singing couple songs, we sit on pillows around the room and listen to announcements and a lesson.

After learning about Jesus from scripture, we break up into four different discussion groups to talk about what we have just heard.  A student leads each of these groups to discuss a pre-set collection of questions or any other questions that may come up during this quarter-hour small group time.

Next, we re-convene back in the starting room to sing another song or two.  Then we hear a communion meditation, and all Christians are invited to participate in taking communion, usually by intinction.  No one is ever compelled or required to participate. 

We conclude the worship service with prayer.  Each week, a different person leads us, and the styles vary as much as the personalities.  We believe that praying for one another is a critical ministry, and we always want prayer to be a part of our worship.