What We Are

The Christian Student Fellowship (a.k.a. “The Campus House”) is a group of men and women committed to knowing our Savior and serving HIM as a community on the campus of East Tennessee State University. Our House is just across University Parkway from ETSU’s Parking Services¬†at 829 W. Pine Street.

We intend to encourage our peers toward a growing relationship with Jesus Christ:

Worship is an important part of what we do:  Immerse is every Wednesday at 7pm.

We eat lunch together every Tuesday from 1 1:30 to 1:30; the food is free for any student and is provided by local church volunteers.

Our intern leads a service project each week.

We also study together often. For a list of our small group Bible studies, see the Invest Groups page.


This ministry is supported by several Christian Churches / Churches of Christ and individuals in Tennessee, Virginia, and North Carolina. Campus House affiliates with the ACM – Association of College Ministries.