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Join us for an ice cream party on the night before Fall classes start!

Greetings one and all! We are the Campus House (officially the Christian Student Fellowship). If you are new to campus or just looking for something to do, drop by 829 W. Pine and say hello! We’ll be glad to meet you, and we may even make for you a sundae or a pot of coffee. Just coming through the door is a great way to get connected to our community.

We do a few things every single week during the semester: Free Lunch on Tuesday, Immerse (Worship service) on Wednesday, and World Cafe on Friday. We have Bible studies (called Invest Groups) and times that we pray together on campus.  Any other time, feel free to drop by or to send us a message!

As for our summer schedule, we will meet every Wednesday night to study a book of the Bible together (“The Shorts”).  We start at 7pm with a couple of songs and will pray together as well.   We will also be scheduling some extra get-togethers each week, so be on the lookout for news about those activities!