Small Groups

Every semester starts fresh with our small groups. These small group Bible studies develop relationships at a deeper level as you learn more about the Bible, the church, and the world.  It is never too late to join one!

Most groups start the week of January 24, but feel free to reach out to group leaders if you want more info.

Mike – [email protected]

Katy – [email protected]

Spring 2022 Small Groups

Followership is an 8 week conversation about maturing as a Christian based on 2 Peter 1. It will run from 2/20-4/17 on Sundays at 5pm at the Campus House with Mike.

Manlihood is a running discussion about living as godly men. Mike will lead this group at the Campus House on Tuesdays at 2:00pm.

Come & See is a video Bible study group that will watch an episode of “The Chosen” each week and talk about the Gospel stories behind the scenes. This group starts February 22 and will meet through April 19 at Katy’s house. Snacks/desserts are a given. Send Katy a message if you need her address.

Women’s Group is a discussion group just for ladies on real life and discipleship. Katy leads this group at the Campus House on Wednesdays at 4pm.

Change = Growth is a group designed to build community and reflect on spiritual growth through all the ups and downs of life. Join Cloie at the Campus House on Thursdays at 1pm.

Liver will investigate life principles based on the Pastoral Letters. Join Mike at the Campus House on Thursdays at 3pm.

Creative Spiritual Disciplines is designed to deepen your relationship with God with a spark of creativity. Katy leads this group at the Campus House on Thursdays at 3:45.